PC & Laptop Repair



Has your computer broke? or has it suddenly slowed down?

Computers have become the bane of our lives but also so necessary too! We offer a no fix, no fee guarantee on all our repairs and works to get your device runnng well again.

What repair work can we do?

  • Slow computer cleanup
  • New screens / defective parts
  • SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrades
  • Windows reinstall / refresh
  • New PC installation / setup
  • PC & Laptop upgrades
  • Wifi / Internet issues
  • Many more!

Whats the process?

Call us

Give us a call on 0121 227 0850 to discuss

Inspect device

Either drop off to our retail store or we will collect the device to inspect the problem.


We will notify you of the issues and the cost to rectify.

Fix & Return

We will fix and return the device back to you.